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Men's Underwear Trends - What Are Men Wearing Under Their Clothes

The French have encapsulated the trend in men's underwear using their usual flair and seduction at this year's Salon international de la lingerie in Paris. "That a guy likes seducing is not new. That he's sexy isn't extraordinary. That brands increasingly develop men's underwear lines, what could be more normal?"

The sector keeps growing with the rise from the celebrity metro sexual man enthusiastic about self-image and lifestyle. The modern man takes care of himself, reads magazines for males and is as part of your inquisitive about the world of men's fashion. The early 1980's marks time when men's underwear stopped being merely functional and became fashionable and sexy. Remember Nick Kamen? Sales of boxer shorts experienced the rooftop when he dropped his Levis to show immaculate white boxers. Footballers are increasingly heading the advertising campaigns. There is even an ever increasing trend for that waistband to become visible outrageous of the trousers. Men's underwear has turned into a fashion accessory and a lifestyle statement.


The has been evolving since then with the key message in Paris being "Evolution and Revolution." "Not for everybody" is when the exclusive company Bruno Banani describes itself, comfort and good design around the leading edge of favor defines the new generation of men's underwear. Designers are revitalising the underwear industry with sophisticated, fun, top quality underwear. Bringing a new sense of style as to the used to be a purely functional part of your wardrobe.

It isn't all about men's underwear as being a ornament, ranges are actually designed using the latest fabric technology such as second skin, seamless, microfibres and modal although cotton continues to be a firm favourite accounting for the biggest proportion of retail sales. Fabrics maintain menswear traditions but are interspersed with female touches, softness, shine as well as transparency.


The fact that underwear is hidden by outer clothing hasn't held back the development of women's lingerie. Logos are bigger and bolder than ever with branded waist bands still a vital look. A sizable high-street store survey revealed that 70% in men care as much about how exactly they look in underwear as much as women. Men's underwear with sex appeal? Why not?

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